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Anamorphic lenses or anamorphic lenses are those that began to be used in the 1950s in cinema in order to obtain a more panoramic image. When we speak of a more panoramic image, we refer to an image that has a greater angle of vision laterally.

Anamorphic lenses are lenses that act in a very specific way to give that cinematic look. What they do is they horizontally compress the image, so it's much more square than it will be later, and then it uncompresses on edit (stretches horizontally). In this way, a much more stretched image is achieved than the one that would be obtained with spherical lenses.



Spherical lenses are a type of lens whose curvature is not part of a sphere, thus eliminating spherical aberrations from the lenses. The purpose of a spherical lens is to simplify the construction of an objective.

Aspherical lenses are very useful on very bright lenses, wide angle lenses and high quality compact zoom lenses. 
A single spherical lens can replace multiple spherical lenses, which in turn leads to simplified lens design.

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