Carl Zeiss CONTAX Full Frame

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We are continuing to expand our selection of full frame / large format vintage cinema lenses.
The  Full frame Zeiss “CONTAX” lens set creates the perfect balance of sharpness and vintage personalities. The “CONTAX” line represents the very best Zeiss glass of its generation, with sharp, clear, highlights and crystal pin point focus. The overall line up is well-rounded by super speed focal lengths.  28mm F2 (Hollywood), 35mm F1.4, 50mm F1.4, 85mm F1.4, 100mm f2 , 135mm F2. And use the same glass and the coating than the Carl Zeiss super speed 1.3 lenses. This exquisite set was conform by choosing each lens very carefully and tested before re housing,

All lenses match perfectly in color and definition !

The Super Speeds and the Contax Zeiss lenses deliver an image that strikes the right balance between giving you contrast and detail while still showing some “character”. They can be just as sharp as modern lenses if they are stopped down a bit.



GL OPTICS Leica R Super Speed Set rehoused.
Montura PL.

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The Vintage Leica “R” lens set represents a unique combination of sharpness, creamy fall-off, and perfect bokeh elements. With today’s digital sensors, the lens becomes the predominant factor in the pictures look (or quality). The Vintage Leica “R” lenses gives qualities that help gain personality and favorable characteristics, especially in flesh tones. The basic set is made-up of the very best LEICA “R” glass – 19MM T2.8 V2 / 28MM T2.8 / 35MM T1.4  / 50MM T1.4 / 80MM T1.4 FE / 135MM T2.8 — ALL late serial number 3,400,000 or later.

Cooke miniS4.  
Coated y Uncoated a elección.
Montura PL.

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In terms of colour and definition, the Cooke miniS4 are equal to the S4 and S5. With a 2.8 stop, they are lighter, but maintaining the quality and excellence of Cooke trademark.
These lenses have the possibility of swapping the frontal element for an uncoated one. Without this special treatment (coating), we can have more flaring, softer edges and a slight cold colour, reminding an “historic” look of the trademark.

18mm 2.8-22, 0.25 cf – Diameter 110
25mm 2.8-22, 0.25 cf – Diameter 87
32mm 2.8-22, 0.30 cf – Diameter 87
50mm 2.8-22, 0.50 cf – Diameter 87
75mm 2.8-22, 0.75 cf – Diameter 87
100mm 2.8-2, 0.90 cf – Diameter 87 

Cooke Speed Panchro S2 Set (1960s). 
PL mount.
Frontal diameter: 80mm.

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Re-adapted with PL mount, focus ring and an 80mm diameter.
Used in Spartacus (Director; Stanley Kubrick, cinematography: Russel Metty), A Clockwork Orange (Dir.: S. Kubrick, C.: John Alcott), Midnight in Paris (Dir. Woody Allen, C.: Darius Khondji) y 12 Monkeys (Dir.: Terry Gilliam, C.: Roger Pratt).

18 mm f 2.2, cf 30cm – Pies 1 , Pl mount diametro 80mm25 mm serie 2 f 2.2, cf 40 cm , Pl mountdiametro 80mm 32 mm f 2.3, cf 50 cm – Pies 1.5 , Rehouse p+s technik diametro 80mm
40 mm f 2.3, cf 50cm – Pies 1.5 ,  Rehouse p+s technik diametro 80mm
50 mm f 2.3, cf 1 mt – Pies3 ,        Rehouse p+s technik diametro 80mm
75 mm f 2.8, cf 1.30 mt – Pies 4 ,  Pl mount  diametro 80mm
100 mm f 2.8, cf 1.40 mt – Pies 4.5 , Pl mount  diametro 80mm

Canon Introduces the World’s First Macro Zoom Lens for 35mm Motion Picture Cameras

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The Canon K-35 Macro Zoom Lens K5 x 25 is a five-times macro zoom lens, which was jointly developed by Canon Inc: and the Association of MotionPicture and TV Producers Inc., of the United States.

With a 25-120mm focal length range, this world’s first macro zoom lens for 35mmmotion picture cameras and is available in PL mount .

By using macrophotography function, the specialized techniques such asmulti-point focus and super close-ups with wide-angle effects are possible. Additionally, use of the optional Range Extender X1.6 , the focal length range can be extended from 25-120mm to 40-192mm

This lens is unique in a few ways: it has a very fast stop, T2.8, and remains sharp with beautiful falloff wide open-  This lens is sharp wide open with beautiful look and colors.

The lens has a built in macro function which brings close focus in about 2-3 inches at 25mm focal length.

This lens has beautiful colors and a big flare, like its prime K-35 lenses.

Canon Macro Lens FD 50mm f/3.5S.S.C.

Released in 1979, re house by OPTEX.


Canon FD 50mm f/3.5 macro is the second and last 50mm macro lens for the FD mount.
This lens has extremely high resolving power and is used for photography at very close distance. It offers a magnification ratio to 1:2 (half life-size) with magnifications marked from 1:10 on the focusing ring.

Telephoto lenses.

300 tele Killar f5.6, cf 3mts.

Created in the 1980s, this lens is a perfect complement to the Cooke S2 and the Schneider ones.

1200, Century f6.8, cf 20mts.

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Developed for filming rocketry and militar explotions from long distances, the 1200 Century was used in motion pictures such as 48 Hrs. (1982, Dir. Walter Hill, C. Ric Waite) and Top Gun (1986, Dir. Tony Scott, C. Jeffrey Kimball), as well in many cars commercials.