We are an optics rental house for the cinematographic industry established in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We are specialized in non-conventional spherical and anamorphic lenses and filters.

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P+S Technik KOWA Evolution 2X Anamotphic lenses

Lens Set: 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm

The kowa  Evolution 2X anamorphic lenses are based on the original optical designs of the vintage and rare Kowa Anamorphics and the P+S TECHNIK lens rehousing  40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

The look and bokeh of the Evolution 2X lenses match the genuine anamorphic look of the KOWA Anamorphic lenses.

The optical design of the Evolution 2X lenses is based on their original optical design and the front anamorphic principles. They are low in contrast and warm in color and can be made to flare.  

Carl Zeiss CONTAX Full Frame

 We are continuing to expand our selection of full frame / large format vintage cinema lenses.

The  Full frame Zeiss “CONTAX” lens set creates the perfect balance of sharpness and vintage personalities. The “CONTAX” line represents the very best Zeiss glass of its generation, with sharp, clear, highlights and crystal pin point focus. The overall line up is well-rounded by super speed focal lengths.  28mm F2 (Hollywood), 35mm F1.4, 50mm F1.4, 85mm F1.4, 100mm f2 , 135mm F2

And use the same glass and the coating than the Carl Zeiss super speed 1.3 lenses

This exquisite set was conform by choosing each lens very carefully and tested before re housing,

All lenses match perfectly in color and definition !

The Super Speeds and the Contax Zeiss lenses deliver an image that strikes the right balance between giving you contrast and detail while still showing some “character”. They can be just as sharp as modern lenses if they are stopped down a bit.  



Many of the design cues for the BLACKWING7 lenses are founded on optics manufactured during the 1930-1950’s.
They are designed to fully cover the super 35,  full-frame 35 formats, with all but the widest and They also cover the 65mm format. 
Lenses  in PL mount are uniformly rated at T1.9 across the range.TRANSIENTT-tune BLACKWING7 lenses have a tuning profile which further softens the roll-off to the edge of the frame and providesincreased edge detail halation. T lenses are designed to capturea slightly softer, artistic image, with a higher degree of lightreactivity and flaring characteristics are harder and moreprominent.