P+S Technik  KOWA Evolution 2X Anamorphic lenses

Lens Set: 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm

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The kowa  Evolution 2X anamorphic lenses are based on the original optical designs of the vintage and rare Kowa Anamorphics and the P+S TECHNIK lens rehousing  40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

The look and bokeh of the Evolution 2X lenses match the genuine anamorphic look of the KOWA Anamorphic lenses.

The optical design of the Evolution 2X lenses is based on their original optical design and the front anamorphic principles. They are low in contrast and warm in color and can be made to flare.

The lenses are built in a compact, lightweight housing with modern cam driven internal focus mechanics. The focus throw has changed significantly compared to the originals. The Evolution lenses offer a 200° angle on the focus ring and a 100° on the aperture ring. The mod 0.8 gears are in the same position of the gear rings throughout the set which integrates them well into a modern production environment”

The 80mm front diameter is perfect for the use of a clip-on matte box and a 77mm thread was added for screw-in filters. That makes the Evolution 2X ideal anamorphic lenses for handheld, Steadicam or drone camera work.


Hawk C Series – Anamorphic.

hawk 1

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The first set of the Hawk lenses, the C series were developed in the 1990s. Small and rugged, they produce a very nice image while maintaining the classic blue flare of anamorphic lenses.

35mm f 2.4 – Diameter 140
50mm f 2.2 – Diameter 110
75mm f 2.3 – Diameter 110
100mm f 3.2 – Diameter 110
150mm f 3.6


Zoom Angenieux 50-500 – Anamorphic


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The Angénieux Anamorphic 50-500mm HR T 5 offers a wide range with a medium-sized body, a good aperture, and a medium weight of 10.5 lbs. It is a high-quality and reliable zoom lens well-suited for a variety of shots.
Overhauled and Converted by Duclos Lenses.