Tokina 1.6 Expander 

The Tokina 1.6x Expander magnifies the image circle of S35 lenses, expanding them to cover larger FF35 or Vista Vision sensors. Tokina engineers gave special attention to the 7-element optical design to ensure the integrity of the original lens’ performance and to keep light fall off to a manageable 1.36 stops. The all mechanical design is robust, durable, and lightweight.

The Tokina 1.6x Expander performs best when used with lenses that have a T2.0 or larger aperture and when the lens is stopped down to T2.8 or smaller.

Clip on chroziel 4×5.6 mb 450 super wide 

The Chrosziel MB 450W Super Wide Matte Box is a lightweight, yet robust, carbon fiber matte box for professional video cameras. The “Super Wide” design   Comes with Two filter trays.

 Tiffen  aproach lenses 4,1/2  1,2,3,4 

Lentilla partida 1 , 4

Director´s viewfinder

Fries Super 35mm
Depuli 16.9